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Scott H. Wilkerson, Esq.


As a retired police officer holding a Master Texas Peace Officer Certificate, he understands the subtle and unique differences in each criminal case and will fight for your constitutional rights. As a former union trustee and later as an in-house government labor attorney, he has been on both sides of heated issues and has seen the difference that a good cross examination of a management official can mean to your case. For those military clients, Mr. Wilkerson is a 20 year army reserve veteran with two previous company commands and is currently a member of the U.S. Army JAG Corps. He does not practice UCMJ criminal defense, but prides himself in assisting injured soldiers with disability claims.

Free information is available on this site via patches to official government sites. We intentionally avoid placing any of our opinions on this site for legal reasons, and we require all clients to sign a formal contract before committing to an attorney-client relationship.

Mr. Wilkerson is licensed in the State or Texas, The Western District of Texas (federal court), and limits social security disability representation to Texas OHAs only.

Not certified by the Texas Board of Specialization.

Welcome to the Law Office of Scott H. Wilkerson

Since 2000, our law firm has represented a variety of clients from the homeless seeking disability insurance to physicians seeking payment from insurance carriers.

We currently focus our practice to criminal defense, disability law, and labor law. Mr. Wilkerson began as a solo attorney with a part-time paralegal fighting for working class clients. We understand that each case is the most important issue in our clientís life and itís our intent that in the end, justice will be served.


Primary Practice

Criminal Law

  • Federal Court
  • State Court
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors

Family / Probate

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Modifications
  • SAPCRs


  • Courts Martial
  • GOMOR Appeals
  • Letters of Reprimand and Concern Appeals
  • On Post Driving Suspension Hearings

Labor / Employment

  • Federal Court
  • State Court

Social Security / Disability

  • Federal Court


  • Texas Master Police Officer Certificate
  • Police Union Trust
  • Military Jag


100 W. Central Texas Expressway
Suite 305 (Extraco Bank Building)
Harker Heights, Tx 76548